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My name is Mat and I am a recording engineer, mixer, and music producer based in Portland, OR. As a producer and engineer my goal is to provide creative support and resources for the artists I work with. I combine a technical understanding of recording technology with an appreciation for the artistic process, to  create a safe and productive environment for you and your collaborators to explore and build upon your creative ambitions. 

I am also a multimedia artist and musician releasing work primarily under the moniker Standing On End. 

My work focuses on themes of mental health awareness, self-exploration, and social commentary. 

As a producer and engineer I work primarily in Pro Tools and Ableton Live. Using a combination of analog and digital equipment to bring your next record to life. I am comfortable in most recording studios and also operate a space of my own. 

I am always excited to hear about new projects and would be honored to assist you in making your next recording.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

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