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What we do

Music Producer, Sound Designer and artist.

Client Testimonials

"He was super attuned to what the song needed, and was on point with every revision I sent over (even with all the particularities). He’s a patient and steadfast engineer who is flexible and adaptable working in any space and from what I’ve gathered, any style."

- Sam Mendoza

  Salmon Doza

"He's not only an expert recording, mixing and mastering engineer, he's also tremendously personable, making artists feel comfortable and knowing exactly what they want. We had a two-day recording session where he set everything up and tracked the whole band. He's a professional and has so much knowledge to share, always with the best results in mind."

- Tommy Diaz 


"Quick witted and a great listener, Mat has graced our music with deep knowledge and skills both as a recording and mixing artist. Our relationship has been a balance of highly professional and easygoing, as we've collaborated on two full length records of what I now consider to be my best work."

- Amos Hart

  Silent Temple

"Mat is the most attentive engineer! I recorded seven in-depth tracks with him over the course of a year, and his innovated ideas never ceased to amaze me. I credited Mat as engineer and producer because of his extensive input. A true pleasure to work with, endless patience, and a most refined ear, Mat is the real deal!"

- Jay Ringer

"I have been a client of Mat Larimer for the past 3 years and I've enjoyed working with him immensely. His skills as an audio engineer for live events is only matched by his level of courtesy and compassion. He is versed in a wide assortment of gear applications and is adept at problem solving. "

- Andre Middleton

  Executive Director of Friends of Noise 

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