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The Darkest Shade of the Heaviest Blue 

A Short Film by Cai Indermaur 


After losing a loved one, a grieving artist searches for solace in their day-to-routine but finds moving on to be tougher than expected. The Darkest Shade of the Heaviest Blue uses musical composition and visual storytelling to open a conversation about grief and mental health in society and mainstream media.

Directed by Cai Indermaur and Produced by Standing On End, The Darkest Shade of the Heaviest Blue, is inspired by and based upon the musical album of the same name released by Standing on End in 2020. Using visual storytelling, the themes of grieving and mental health stigmas are expanded upon.  Filmed and edited over the span of two years, the short film uses color theory, medical dictionaries, and spoken word poetry to tell the story of a grieving artist working his way through and searching for a moment of escape and relief. 


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Passing Bye - Standing on ENd

Looking for words and being unable to find them. I close my eyes and listen. Listen to the world around me. Be in touch with the swirling musical sounds that fill our world everyday. This is not ambience. This is not minimal. This is the space we exist in. Listen.



Music from a time of quarantine. Departure examines feelings of change and longing to move past the barriers that have long held us back. This 3 song ep features new sonic textures and instrumentation for the Standing on End project. Departure is the second official release from Standing on End. The small collection of songs explores a new presentation and attitude of music for the project. With a gentle guiding guitar at the core of the track and minimal sonic decoration sprinkled through out the series of song. The ep aims to hold your attention in a mellow trance reminiscent of the ocean tides in the night. 

The Darkest Shade of the Heaviest Blue 

Released : June 8th, 2020 ​

The Darkest Shade of the Heaviest Blue explores the peaks and valleys of the grieving process. A search through the human psyche amidst pain, loss and ultimately healing.


Written in the winter of 2018 The darkest shade of the heaviest Blue underwent many shapes and form before reaching its current state in 2020 when it was released. The sonic component of the project is presented as a 9 track album telling the story of an artist who is working through the grief and pain brought on when they lose a loved one. 

The visual components of the project include Behind the scenes of the making of the album, music videos,  and contextual mood pieces all of which can be found below. 

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